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BTMetrics automagically calculates your most important SaaS metrics, so you can throw away the
spreadsheets and get back to growing your business
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Google Docs, eat your heart out.

It’s time to give your spreadsheet the flick. You’ve wasted enough time on it! Within minutes you’ll know your most important SaaS metrics, like your Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), Average Revenue Per User, Lifetime Value of a Customer, Churn Rates, Active Customer Count, Upgrades, Downgrades, Cancelations, and more!

Your data is automatically updated in real-time, so you can access your Braintree analytics any time you want. You can even access it on the go, via your mobile device.

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Actionable insights.

BTMetrics will analyze your historical Braintree data and give you actionable insights from it. For example, if you’re churn rate has dropped over the last month, that’s great! However, if it’s increased over a 3 month period, that’s not so great. BTMetrics will alert you to this fact. Perhaps one plan is churning at a higher rate than the others? You can find that out too.

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ALWAYS know thy metrics.

In SaaS, you live and die by your business analytics. It’s not good enough to be tracking them once a month. With BTMetrics you’ll get a summary email of your most important Braintree metrics, every day. It's never been easier to stay in the loop with the health of your business.

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Actionable insights into your most important SaaS metrics